Rare find

c - Solaris coverWhilst in Boston, MA a few weeks ago I came across an original pressing of Photek’s Solaris.  I literally yelped with joy at finding a record I had been looking for for at least seven years.  What is so beautiful about this record is the seamless incorporation of Photek’s well-known techy approach to drum n’ bass and his amazing dabblings into minimal house.  The drum n’ bass tracks aren’t typical club bangers, but more slow burners that creep into your skull, while the minimal house tracks are danceable without being overly glossly…in fact, they are almost more “head nodders” than anything else.  Of course, one of the record’s greatest highlights is the incredible track “Mine To Give” featuring Robert Owens on vocals.  Pay attention to the upcoming shows as you can expect I’ll drop a track or two here and there.


~ by curbmerchant on July 29, 2009.

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