The dub-step

c - pinchCall this a label spotlight of sorts…

The dub-step scene has been growing ever larger and stronger over the last few years and in my opinion Planet Mu (µ) is one label that is really championing and pioneering the direction for this music.  They have been putting out some clever, crazy, and wickedly interesting releases these last few months and they have some great stuff lined up for the coming months.  I find they’re willing to challenge the definition of dub-step and put out some impressive, and sometimes challenging, tracks (especially since I get tired of the heavy, grimier aspects of dub-step kinda quickly).  Of recent note is Starkey’s “Miracles” (including the Jamie Vex’d remix) and Pinch’s “Attack of the Giant Killer Spiders!”…both of which have been getting some spins on my show.  Also, check out this teaser compilation for Mary Anne Hobbes’ new compilation/mix on Planet Mu (µ) entitled Wild Angels.

This comp. features some sick sick sick tracks from Architeq, Rustie, Hyetal, Brackles, and more.  A few of the cuts have been out for a few months already, but its definitely a great compilation to find all these tunes all in one place.  In fact, I haven’t heard anything quite as dope and comprehensive since Box of Dub, Vol.2 came out.


~ by curbmerchant on August 17, 2009.

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