So maybe I’m a little slow to hop on the nifty website/service bus, but when I do actually find one that is impressive I’m all too happy to share it.  In this case, I have just discovered SoundCloud.  This awesome site lets you create your own little web presence, not unlike so many others out there, but geared specifically towards music and music production.  If you’re a new artist looking to get exposure, you can create an account and upload and share your music for free.  What’s cool is that all the hosting is managed by them and you are given a music widget which acts as the actual tool to share the music.  This widget can then be shared throughout various social networking sites so that you can share your music with friends and all they have to do is click the player that pops up on whatever site you posted the widget on.

Even if you’re not an artist, you can be a fan of any artist who has their material on the site and share their public tracks with your friends.  The deal-closer here for me, personally, is that you can also share dj mixes, since there are no track size limitations.  So now, as you’ll see with last week’s ambient set, there is a player right at the top of the post that enables you to listen to the music.  F’in awesome! Oh yeah, you can also comment on the track at specific points.

Anyway, I’m still figuring out the site and its services, so I hope to integrate more of what it offers as I learn more about it.  There’s an option for people to submit their tracks to SoundCloud users without even having to open their own account.  I thought that might be a great way for listeners to share tracks with me.  I have to figure out how to incorporate that widget, as it doesn’t seem to function properly as of yet.

Good stuff.  I rarely get excited about teh interwebs these days…


~ by curbmerchant on August 28, 2009.

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