Playlist – October 7th, 2009

c - blurrrMy brain tends to jump around a lot of times.  As such, my sets wander around a bit, stop off and have a drink at one spot, then meander to another for a different kind of potable.  I like so many different types of music that I love to see how they can all fit together (sometimes with success, hehe).  This is one example below.  At one point hip hop, at another some housey stuff, and then some IDM, and oh gee, what else…  (listen below to find out if you missed it).  I think next week may see a dramatic change of pace, with me wanting to explore my rock/metal/noise penchants.

Here’s what went down earlier today:

Here’s the playlist for today’s show:

  • Monk & Canatella – Apology (Cup of Tea)
  • Anti-Pop Consortium – Volcano (Four Tet Remix) (Big Dada)
  • Disco D – Detroit Zoo (Spank It Up Remix) (Tommy Boy)
  • Deckwrecka – Double Zero Zero (Synchronic)
  • Ticklah – Cold Noodle (LandSpeed)
  • Dolphin Boy – Don’t Stop (Tummy Touch)
  • DJ Shadow – Building Steam With A Grain of Salt (Mo’ Wax)
  • Hans Platzgumer – Grrm (Disko B)
  • Dwayne Sodahberk – Rippin (Tigerbeat6)
  • µ-ziq – Silk Ties (Planet Mu)
  • Gridlock – bu’yaam.voiceless.f2.estrella (Zod)
  • Autechre – Perlence (Warp)
  • Final – Reading All the Right Signals Wrong (alt mix) (Thrill Jockey)
  • Piana – Spring Has Come!!! (Happy)
  • Dntel – Dreams (Lawrence Remix) (Deal)
  • Superpitcher – Tomorrow (Kaito Remix) (Kompakt)
  • Sutekh – Short Change (Force Inc.)
  • Swayzak – I Dance Along (Connecticut Ron’s  Return to Saigon Mix) (K7)
  • Jona – Manta (Get Physical)
  • Luomo – Cold Lately (Force Tracks)
  • Triola – Mondlied (Kompakt)
  • Junk Culture – West Coast (Illegal Art)
  • Ellen Allien & Apparat – Way Out (Bpitch Control)
  • Clark – Growls Garden (Warp)
  • 60 Channels – Riddim Supastar (SupaCrucial)
  • Kode 9 – Stung (Soul Jazz)
  • Dub Pistols – Problem Is (Dub Pistols Breaks Mix) (whitelabel)

~ by curbmerchant on October 7, 2009.

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