GusGus – 24/7 (Melting my heart)

c - gusgus 24-7It’s impossible to stay on top of every new release that comes out, and occasionally something slides past you…only to be found a month later, leaving you wondering why the hell you didn’t know about this before.  Yesterday, whilst rummaging through some records at a local shop I came across a new release by GusGus, entitled 24/7.  Yes.  A NEW release.  For anyone unfamiliar, they’ve been around since the early 90’s, and have only released five records prior to this one.  They’ve had line-up changes and the such, and a kinda on-again, off-again relationship with the music world.  …but holy crap, when they come back, do they ever.

Simply put, this record is beautiful.  It’s scarce, at times cold, while at other times very warm.  Absolutely minimal, yet not left feeling empty.  The vocals are engaging and even at points smirk inducing (guest vocals by Jimmy Tenor too).  It’s a record that requires you to listen through each track carefully and patiently, as the way something starts is not indicative of where it will end up, and those surprising and intriguing transitions make the listen all the more enjoyable.  And as the beats roll steadily and creep their way into your head, I find it nigh impossible not to react to the music (and maybe even dance a little).

The packaging is nice too; the cover art being quite catchy and simple.  (I think some people still care about that stuff.)  Also, the double-pack vinyl comes with a copy of the cd as well.  And yes, the tracks are long, so that sucker should be played at 33 rpm. 24/7 winding up on Kompakt is not at all surprising to me either.  It’s a perfect fit.  I will keep my fingers crossed for an actual show or dj set somewhere in NYC besides the video launch party they did from a store (broadcast from Iceland, I believe).


~ by curbmerchant on October 8, 2009.

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