The Bunker

Every week in Brooklyn, Beyond Events puts together “The Bunker,” a techno/house/experimental dance party.  Every year this thing gets stronger and stronger, with recent guests such as Claro Intelecto, Surgeon, Pole, and more.  However, the past week (Dec.2nd I believe) October threw down a set which I think might be the one of the best I’ve heard there.  This is a deep, dirty, techy, sweaty floor-stomper of a set.  Its techy-intense, and at moments wonderfully minimal.  I only recommend checking out stuff I truly love, and this mix just jacks my shit the right way.  Peep it.

Check out the podcast here or through  So now you have two sweet podcasts to listen to…mine being the other.  ;)

Also, if anyone knows what the second track is in his selection, you win a digital hug from me.  It pwns my techno jones.


~ by curbmerchant on December 15, 2009.

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