Playlist – January 13th, 2010

Its good to be back on schedule and doing my full time slot.  I feel an hour is just too short, where two hours is nice to experiment a bit and attempt to derail myself and then throw myself back on track.  I started getting this damn feedback though on one of my channels near the start of the show, which occasionally just popped in every now and then.  I haven’t had this problem in a long time so I went through and cleaned stuff out, hoping to make improvements.  Mid-way in I think the problem dissipated, but I apologize for that fleeting, yet annoying sound.

I moved a bunch of crap around this weekend and even built some shelves, so its likely that said jostling caused the feedback (or whatever) to resurface.  When I’m done here I’ll be going through my setup with a fine-toothed comb to make sure that issue is killed.

The show, however, was good and meandered through quite a bit of territory.  That’s my general approach since I enjoy mixing different things together.  Peep the playlist below and take a re-listen via the feeds to the top right…


  • Bernard Fleischmann – 02/00 (Morr Music)
  • Jack Dangers – Al13 (Flexidisc)
  • El Perro Del Mar – Change of Heart (Rakamonie Remix) (The Control Group)
  • Moonbeam – Something Alive (Traum)
  • Ada – The Red Shoes (Areal)
  • Gusgus – Hateful (Kompakt)
  • Schaeben & Voss – Dicht Dran (Schaeben & Voss Remix) (Kompakt)
  • Auch – Sex Is Vengeance (Force Inc.)
  • Herbert – Addiction (K7)
  • Dntel – Dreams (Lawrence Remix) (Deal)
  • Marc Leclair – Premier Jour (Phunk / Mutek)
  • Clark – Night Knuckles (Warp)
  • RJD2 – Games You Can Win (RJ’s Electrical Connections)
  • Architeq – Sleeping Bear Lament (Take Remix) (Planet Mu)
  • Clark – The Magnet Mine (Warp)
  • Photek – Knitevision (Astralwerks)
  • Pressure Rise – Down Falls the Rain (Aspect)
  • DJ Krust – Maintain (Dave Angel Remix) (Ultra)
  • Intex Systems – Drum Track 1 (Burning Bridges) (Offshore)
  • Mochipet – Dessert Search For Techno Baklava (Bpitch Control)
  • Gridlock – f.UH.56.UH4 (Zod)
  • Autechre – Tankakern (Warp)
  • Andrew Thomas – Shiny Garden (Kompakt)
  • Plaid & Bob Jaroc – The Launching of Big Face (Warp)

~ by curbmerchant on January 13, 2010.

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