Playlist – January 20, 2010

Ah internets, sometimes you can be a vexing wench….   My connection has been spotty all day…drastically cutting off and on like someone flicking a light switch.  I’m finding more and more issues with cable-based internet as once you hit a certain user threshold it really seems to go down the toilet.  Years ago this area didn’t have as many users on this line and it was super fast and never interrupted, but over the past year or so service and reliability has been going down the crapper.

So, for today’s show I’m unable to do much.  I’m letting the dj before me, DJ Voinic, let his show run a bit longer.  He plays mostly progressive house and trancey stuff, so if that’s your bag, be sure to check out his show at 11am, EST.

I did see a very metal show the other night, so I’ll be putting something up about that in a little while as well…


~ by curbmerchant on January 20, 2010.

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