Death Metal


So the other week my buddy had an extra ticket to a death metal show here in the city and invited me to come along.  The headliner was Nile, featuring Immolation, Krisiun, and Dreaming Dead.  Now, I am definitely a metal fan, but I find death metal a little tougher to get into sometimes.  I think the problem was that I didn’t know the music from the bands too well.  I should have written about this sooner, but I was having a hard time figuring out what to say….so in the end, its not terribly much, but I do have a photo or two to share for fans.

We only caught two songs of the opener, Dreaming Dead, so I can’t really vouch for their sound.  It was metally, but definitely not too death metal compared to the rest of the line-up.  I would say it was a little more melodic than the rest, but that’s not a bad thing.

Next up was Krisiun.  I was semi-familiar with their stuff and wound up enjoying their set.  They just pummel the ever-living shit out of the drums and guitar and I find their wash of noise and guttural growling to be pretty enjoyable.  Their set was only about thirty minutes long though, and I think that was enough for me.  An hour’s set probably would have worn a little thin as the stuff does blend together a bit unless you’re really familiar with their work.

Immolation followed Krisiun, and it was more pummel and destruction.  I knew nothing about them and found the set pretty standard for metal conventions.  Nothing bad, nothing great, so it just kinda washed over me.  I wish I had more to add, but really nothing comes to mind.

Nile laying down Egyptian-inspired punishment

Nile laying down Egyptian-inspired punishment

Nile, the headliner, was a different story.  Their ancient Egyptian angle is a nice twist from the norm, and adds some interesting instrumental and ambient cues to their music.  I’ve only heard a few of their songs, so I can’t say I was familiar with much of the music, but the crowd was digging  the spastic set.  (Spastic in the sense that they covered several albums, instead of focusing mostly on the new one.)  At first the set didn’t really stand out all that much to me, but by mid-set, things really took on the proper shape.  Fists were pumping to the relentless beating that was being rained down and Nile’s uniquity truly proved out for the last half of the set.  I couldn’t pick out a song from the first half, but the second half just seemed more inspired and varied.  The were more tonal changes and Egyptian-inspired dronings, and I just found the last half to be more engaging.

Anyway, way up top is a photo from earlier in Nile’s set, and just above is shot from later in their set.  Cell phones take rather crappy low-light photos, so I had to use some Photoshoppiness to bring them to life a bit.  Don’t worry, I didn’t draw boobs on anyone or anything…

ps, thanks to JP for the photos.


~ by curbmerchant on February 2, 2010.

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