Playlist – February 10th, 2010

I got bit by the drum n’ bass bug today.  Its snowing like a mo ‘fo outside so I expected I might be in the mood for some mellower stuff, but instead I found myself wanting some heavier percussion so to say.  I miss the old days of playing this stuff out for people and remember fondly a sweet drum n’ bass Fourth of July party my buddy Colorform and I threw at the now-closed Angel in the East Village.  Things just really flowed nicely that night.  I heard somewhere that they re0pened as a jazz club or something, but I’m unsure of the accuracy in that.  Breakbeat Science was right across the street too, so drum n’ bass had a real epicenter for a while here.  I was barely an ancillary character in that story, but it was nice to have brought that music to a few more peoples.

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Here’s the playlist for those curious souls.

  • DJ Dara – Heartbeat (Sm:)e)
  • Evolve Now – Blue (Instinct)
  • Sonic & Silver – Into the Light (Metalheadz)
  • Xample & Bane – Influence (Incident 7)
  • High Contrast – Make It Tonight (Hospital)
  • Shy FX & Power – Don’t Give A Damn (London)
  • Pressure Drop – Got To Be For Real (Grooverider Dub) (Higher Ground)
  • Optical – The Bounce (whitelabel)
  • Gridlok – Horizon (Audio Blueprint)
  • Alloy – Dust (Frequency)
  • Ed Rush & Optical – Capsule (Virus)
  • Pendulum – Back 2 You (Timeless)
  • Silent Witness & Break – Again & Again (No U Turn)
  • Vector Burn – Plummet (Ohm Resistance)
  • Jubbs – Marcus Garvey (Chronic)
  • Digital – Laters Star (Chronic)
  • E-Z Rollers – Music Keeps Me (Moving Shadow)
  • Total Science – Good Old Days (Defunked)
  • J Majik – Share the Blame (Infrared)
  • London Elektricity – Different Drum (Nu:Tone Remix) (Hospital)
  • High Contrast – Lovesick (Hospital)
  • Mark J – Flight 19 (Good Looking)

~ by curbmerchant on February 10, 2010.

One Response to “Playlist – February 10th, 2010”

  1. You were playing dnb AND had a Pendulum track and didn’t tell me?! *grumble*

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