Playlist – March 3rd, 2010

Covered a lot of ground in this show, but stayed away from the upper echelons of bpms.  A good, glitchy vibe with some more percussive, hip-hoppy elements as well.  Near the end I swayed a little more poppy and even resurrected a classic Kraftwerk track which just seemed to fit well.  (By the way, there was a remix of this very same Kraftwerk track, “The Robots” that had a bit of a mash-up with Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Someone.”  While this sounds strange, it was in fact awesome.)  Moving on..

The playlist is below for your curiosity.  Be sure to listen again via the RSS feed in the top right.  Subscribe too!

  • Mux Mool – Teal Trim (edit) (Ghostly Int’l)
  • Dwayne Sodahberk – What You Waited For (Tigerbeat6)
  • Clark – Frau Wav (Warp)
  • Jacaszek – III (Halcyon/Unsound)
  • Mono/Poly – Red and Yellow Toys (Planet Mu)
  • Flying Lotus – Camel (Nosaj Thing Remix) (Warp)
  • Burial – Homeless (Hyperdub)
  • Lukid – A Smart Girl (Werkdiscs)
  • Pole – Round Two (Mute)
  • Annie – My Love Is Better (Sunkh Knight Remix) (Smalltown Supersound)
  • Pinch – Teleportation (Planet Mu)
  • The Brown Acid – Try Humanity (Starkey Remix) (RKZ)
  • The Chemical Brothers – Keep My Composure (Astralwerks)
  • Autechre – 90101-5I-I (Warp)
  • Aphex Twin – Polynomial C (R&S)
  • Carl Craig – Experimento (Halcyon/Unsound)
  • Hans Platzgummer – Grrm (Disko B)
  • Phantogram – When I’m Small (Ghostly Int’l)
  • Mochipet – Plastic Carpet Ride (Bpitch Control)
  • Peter Grummich – No Reason (Spectral)
  • Les Rhythmes Digitales – Damaged People (Astralwerks)
  • Txt – History (Ele-Mental)
  • Röyksopp – Silver Cruiser (Astralwerks)
  • Class Actress – Careful What You Say (Terrible)
  • Kraftwerk – The Robots (Capitol)
  • Deep Blue – Amtrak (Offshore)
  • Optica – Lifewish (The Lost In Space Mix) (Passion)

~ by curbmerchant on March 3, 2010.

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