A Song of Ice and Fire gets the greenlight

First official still for "A Song of Ice and Fire".

I don’t talk much about literature here, but I just found out that George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire has finally been greenlit by HBO for the first season (9 episodes plus pilot).  I got into these books a little while ago after references to it coming up far too many times (from friends, from a few blogs, even from a computer game as cited reference).  Since picking up the first book in the unfinished series of supposedly six or seven (A Game of Thrones) I have been completely enthralled by Martin’s story-telling and incredible characterization skills.  The story is brutal and never what it seems.  It feels dangerously realistic, even when the notion of fantastical subject matter like the undead is discussed.  The bad characters are BAD, the good characters are grey, and you actually can’t be quite sure which is which.  Did I mention its brutal?  Quite so.

Well, I have a highly active imagination and this series has just been a total feast for my brain.  I’ve been following Martin’s blog (here) since getting into the books and was quite pleased with a lot of the actors and actresses picked to portray these characters.  Many of them seem like perfect fits, while others I’m undecided on (I’m still not so sure on Sean Bean as Eddard Stark, but we’ll see what kind of performance he can put in; whereas Arya looks exactly like I imagined).  Everyone, including Martin, has been hanging on a ledge for a while since the pilot was wrapped up and HBO’s exec’s were mulling over whether they would pick up the series or not.  So, after much debate I’m sure, HBO has decided to pick up the first season of the series which I assume will closely (or loosely) follow the plot of A Game of Thrones.  This news is a week or so old, but I’m nonetheless excited, and the first official still (inset) has left me hopeful.  “All men must die”, but let’s pray putting his beloved work of art into a corporation’s hands doesn’t stress Martin too much and prevent him from wrapping up the series.  I know we’d all pick the conclusion of the series over live-action any day.

Congrats though George, this is definitely a story worth the visual treatment.


~ by curbmerchant on March 11, 2010.

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