Good music thoughts

I’ve been scurrying around trying to find some new music and I’m happy that there is soooo much good stuff out there right now.  Some labels, in particular, have been dropping some great stuff…

I notice Ghostly International has been putting out some killer stuff lately because lots of their tracks have been making it into my sets.  The full album by Phantogram (Eyelid Movies) is pretty great.  The Sight Below’s newest offering, It All Falls Apart, is amazing in its dark ambient trappings (especially that Joy Division cover of “New Dawn Fades” that I played today – 4/21/10).  Aeroc and Pale Sketcher also seem to have some promise, though I’d like to hear more tracks.  I dunno, I guess I really just appreciate that they’ve been so passionate about putting out interesting electronic music, and even some rock-centric stuff that still maintains that certain mood their artists encompass.

I feel Planet Mu has been destroying the dub step scene too.  Their releases are just interesting and often very much out of left field.  In fact that Vex’d retrospective may one of the more straight ahead dubstep releases they’ve had in a while.  Starkey’s full length, Ears Drums and Black Holes, just dropped on the 19th, and its definitely on my must-pick-up list.  I’m also excited to hear more from Rudi Zygaldo, whose “Resealable Friendship” single was quite interesting.

I think I need to make a lot more money, as I can, and do, spend hours in record shops sometimes and would walk out with thousands of dollars worth of purchases if finances (and physical delivery) allowed me to.  I have been grabbing more digital stuff too, but when it comes to dj’ing my brain doesn’t function quite as well with the digital stuff.  Perhaps a Serrato hook-up could fix that……anyone?


~ by curbmerchant on April 21, 2010.

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