Rise from the grave

I’ve been absent like that herpes infection you wanted to stop worrying about, but have decided to resurface.  Although in this case I hope you’re happy to see me.

As is often the case with any kind of blog work, life gets in the way sometimes and distracts you from the bloggy side of life.  I am not a natural blogger and the process has always felt a bit forced…meaning I have to actively make myself write about things.  I don’t naturally go to this form of communication.  However, with music it was always a bit different, so I found it enjoyable.

With the changing of jobs and some other personal issues, I had to press the pause button on my radio show and that directly affected how often I was posting here.  So while the show is on hiatus for a bit longer, I do realize I miss sharing some good tunes with my readers.  I am going to try to continue bringing my loves to you.  How frequently I post is an unknown, so let’s just see where things go.

So, currently I’ve been banging the shit out of this completely non-banging track.  Its dark, electronic-y, and very interesting.  It would find rotation on my show for sure.  I just really love the slow thumping bassline and creative vocal pulses.  Its a song that evokes some mystery in its beautifully paced unwinding.  I therefore declare this a must to check out:  Holy Other‘s “Yr Love” on Transparent Recordings.  Peep the interesting video and track below:


~ by curbmerchant on November 15, 2010.

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