Kuedo, Holy Other – Listen!

Ah, a broken record I sound like…its been a while. I’ve found myself with a little more free time now, so I’d like to get back to sharing some good beats with you. I hope to bring more to the table soon. Eat hearty.

Almost a year ago I told you about Holy Other and their killer single “Yr Love”. Well the full-length EP has finally come out on Tri Angle and you need to pick this up asap. The vinyl may be tough to track down, but online retailers will for sure have it. It is both bleak and upbeat, filling the hole in your chest with foreboding and interest. Its a difficult record to explain in words, but it is truly worth a thorough listen. Their usage of vocals is exceptionally interesting, with creative use of snippets and pitch. Better to take a sample of something off the new release. I give you “Touch”:

Another release I want to highlight is Kuedo’s “Videowave” EP. Dope. Period. Thick beats with interesting syncopation and crafty use of the synth. The first track on the A side “Take Off Remix” will smack you upside the head. If you do not bob your head and crash your fists together from this, then there is something wrong. The rest of the EP is amazing and diverse, giving a nice berth to the new direction of this IDM/dubstep hybrid that’s been coming around, especially out of Planet Mu. Heterotic’s remix of Shutter Light Girl is amazing. Here’s “Take Off Remix”:


~ by curbmerchant on October 20, 2011.

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