Kuedo, pt.2

By the way, after just discussing Kuedo’s Videowave EP I realize I failed to mention that Kuedo’s first full-length just came out on 10/17 in the US on Planet Mu. Its called Severant, and its dope, and very different. Now, you may or may not know this, but Kuedo is one half of Vex’d (the Jamie Teasdale half). This is a very different approach on his behalf, with even less “bangers” than you found on previous Kuedo EP’s. What you do find is a very introspective and curious look at where dubstep, IDM, and bass music is going. He plays with a lot of interesting sounds and composition schemes with some very interesting and exciting results. “Whisper Fate” and “Truth Flood” are two tracks in particular that I want to call out, as they are just beautiful pieces of creative work. “Flight Path” reminds me of a track by Vangelis on his incomparable “Blade Runner” soundtrack…I think there’s some homage work going on there. Its also nice to get the original “Shutter Light Girl”; the remix being on the aforementioned Videowave EP. I’ve been excited by Kuedo’s direction and love where he’s continuing to go with the sound.


~ by curbmerchant on October 21, 2011.

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